Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hello from the USA!

Well i made it here safely :) Had a pretty good flight over - loooong tho. Got sick of being cramped heh but I managed to get a few hours sleep which was good & am not feeling too jet lagged - the No Jet Lag pills seemed to have worked which is great! :)

Flew into beautiful weather in LA - blue blue skies with not a cloud in sight & I also spied quite a few palm trees right next to the airport. What struck me though as we flew into LA was just how populated and sprawling it is - barely a square inch of green with no buildings! So i can understand more clearly why hardly any people like living in or near LA heh. Anyhow got thru immigration & customs fine, the only problem was the lines which made it take a little while to get thru. Which also meant that i just missed out on being able to check in for my connecting flight to Tucscon, Arizona as i got to the counter past the 45min cut off (they're really ruthless about that cut off!). Fortunately the lady was able to put me on the next flight out to Tucson which was 6 hours later. So i managed to while away the time writing in my diary and reading etc. But have to say I wasn't too impressed with LAX - its a pretty inhospitable airport in terms of facilities. No eating areas and barely any seating outside of security areas. I was expecting at least a McDonalds to be on the outside but nope. Auckland International Airport would leave it for dead like that! But everyone that I talked to there and here (in NM) are real friendly & helpful :) My friend picked me up from Tucson and then we drove 3 hours back to her place here in New Mexico. Along the way we nearly hit a skunk! All i saw was a big black & white thing crossing the road heh. Apparently they come in different sizes and this was a fairly large one that we saw. I'm still getting used to being on the other side of the road - still have to think twice about which side of the car I need to sit on! heh) and also their money and prices etc. Their prices don't include tax so thats a bit annoying. Haven't had to tip anyone just yet though. Went to a Mexican place for lunch today which was realy nice - had an enchilada taco :) One cool thing about the food places in the States is that its not just big food chains like KFC, Wendys, BK, McDonalds etc like we might think - theres little restaurants that are unique to different towns and states.

So now i'm sitting here typing this from Silver City, New Mexico :) Its a little town of about 10,000 people but it has a reasonable amount of shops etc. Heaps of people here drive pick up trucks (oversized utes basically) as quite a few people have ranches etc. I went to Walmart for my first time today and it was pretty cool - so much variety here in everything! You can get large size in pretty much anything too - from lollies to even toilet paper!

Tomorrow (Wed here) me & Nicole are heading off on our roadtrip thru New Mexico and Arizona which includes goin to Albuquerque (a pretty historic place) and of course the Grand Canyon! So i'm excited about all that :) Oh yeah Nicole was telling me that part of Transformers - the desert scenes that are meant to be set in Kuwait - were actually filmed right her in New Mexico at this place called White Sands. So thats pretty cool :) NM seems to be gettin more popular as a filming destination.

Well i better leave it here for now, will probably blog again at the end of this week just before I head off to visit Alisa :)

Take care,


At 1:23 PM, Blogger Kate McDonald said...

Glad you revived the blog, silla! Enjoy New Mexico..I was only there once for 2 days, but I loved it! I 've never seen the GRand Canyon, so take and post pics!


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