Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Ball!

Well a week has already passed since the ball, and each day i kept reminding myself to write in here about it..honest! :p but yeah homework came first this last week as i had my big Geo assignment to hand in on Fri. ANYWAY...back to the subject....the ball was great :) lots of fun, and went by real quick as those things tend to do. Also got lots of photos on the dig camera and normal cameras so for those interested in seeing them just ask me and i'll be happy 2 show ya. The decorations at the ball this year were real cool, the theme was 'winter wonderland' and at the back of the dance floor they had this set which had a fake ice sculpture, mountain backdrop and these fake snowflakes hanging down, looked real pretty :) I thought (like every1 else at first) that it was gonna be the backdrop for the photos but it wasn't, the actual photo backdrop was alright - mainly blues. But yeah u could still have photos on the snow set thing which was cool. The music - it was alright, just all the main songs on the radio at the moment, but i reckon the DJ last year was a bit better. The food was pretty much the same too, maybe a little bit better so that was good too. Hopefully the professional pics won't take as long to come this year! It was cool seeing every1 dressed up, almost didnt recognise a few people! After the ball i went back with my group of friends to get changed and then we headed off to Dennys for a bit for some dessert etc so that was good. There were are few other ppl from school ppl that turned up too. So yeah all in all a good night out.

The Flu/Auckland Uni Open Day
I'm down with the flu at the moment :/ sux as i hardly ever get sick. oh well just one of those things. hopefully i'll be over it in a few days. Probably didnt help tho that i was out till late on Fri night in the city with some friends, walkin round in the cold. I ended up gettin a temp of 39C yesterday morning :/ but least its come down now.
Went into Auckland Uni for a little while yesterday to have a look around as it was their open day. Was quite good, came away with lots of brochures etc. Went to a Geo lecture which was good, i esp. liked the point the lecturer made about most Geographer being sociable ppl coz thats just me right thru! hehe. Still not sure what i'm doing next year (with regard to uni or workin etc) but i think i'll still apply to do a BA, just to keep my options open.

Friday, August 20, 2004

In less than 24hrs.... will be my ball! =) My last highschool ball too. Should be heaps of fun tho and i'm gonna try get a ton of pics of everyone. Today every1 was gettin more excited bout it as the day went on, well the girls anyway. I've got everything all sorted out - hair, makeup, shoes, jewellery, and of course my dress etc sorted out. So i guess i should really try and get to bed early tonight - in my case goin 2 sleep b4 midnight - as i don't think i'll be gettin too much sleep 2mrw nite!

Friday, August 13, 2004

A cruisey yet not so cruisey day

Hey ppl. Yep well today at school i had one cruisey day, was real quiet as most of the y13s and some y12s were @ the Careers Expo (the hall was half empty in senior assembly if thats anything to go by!) I decided not to go as i've been b4 & it gets pretty boring pretty quick, and i already have an idea of what kind of degree i'm planning on doing. So yeah. There was an avg of about 8 ppl in each of my classes today so was a good chance to pretend to do work while chattin with some other friends, which made the day go fast. The teachers really didn't care too much one way or the other. However i also jst realized how little time left i have to prepare my English seminar, which i'm doing 1st pd on Mon morning...arrggh! On top of my other 3 essays, resources, and Geo project i'm s'posed 2 b working on....

Let the games begin!
Yay its that time again, can't believe its already been 4 years since the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Hmm lets see how well the Greeks can put on an opening ceremony compared to what the Aussies did! Hopefully those rowing twins will get us some gold medals + some of our other athletes too...anything to beat our medal total at the 2000 Olympics! Anyway, i best sign off here as i'm gonna drag myself outta bed at 5am to watch the opening ceremony!! Let the games begin =)

Friday, August 06, 2004

My trip to Rotaz

On Friday i arrived back from my Geography camp to Rotorua (left on Wed). Turned out to be a pretty good camp overall, apart from me having to leave early Fri morning with my dad to come back for this piano exam i had to do that afternoon. Being the talkative person that i am, my fave thing of the trip was probably when we went to Tamaki Tours place (where they do the whole Maori thing - welcome, concert and hangi - as there were heaps of tourists from all over that were there (US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK) so got to talk to some of them. Also saw quite a few geysers, since we went to Whakarewarewa and Waiotapu. Also got some free time on Thurs avo to go shopping so that was good too, not that i ended up buying anything but yeah. And also didn't get too much sleep on the last night as there were rumours of pranks ppl were plannin as ya do hehehe....

Piano Duet Exam
The exam ended up goin pretty well. Mum didnt get too nervous for once which was a bonus, since she can do. Only thing i mucked up was on one of the page turns on the first duet we played, but other than that it was all good. Should get results back sometime this week...

Just under 2 weeks to the ball now...not that i'm counting down or anything haha =p