Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Yay for good ol' hols =) I havent done much (so far) for them seen as they just started...but what i plan to do this week is try and get this essay outta the way thats due this coming Monday and catch up on some English reading...then next week will be my week to relax.
Yesterday I went and saw 'The Island' with some friends. Was a pretty good movie, but also pretty freaky at the same time...with the issues it addresses. Namely cloning of humans. Which has already begun in reality. I just hope we dont get to the stage like in the movie where Hollywood celebs are 'investing' in clones of themselves to prolong their life. Because that would be just crazy. But honestly it wouldnt surprise me if we did with the way science is heading. In fact i think we as Christians should be doing something about it now, voicing our concerns sooner rather than later.....
Anyway as you can see, i have posted some pics alongside here...they're ones my Dad took that i thought looked pretty cool....

My fave one is the top one =) anyway, im gonna leave it here for now, so have a good rest of the week everyone...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Youth Supper pics

Foosball in action

Trivial Pursuit

aaah check it out, the (in)famous foosball table..
(these were taken a couple weeks ago)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Train Conversations Part 2

Girl: i burn most of my cds. and then i go out and buy the cds i like once ive listened to them.

Guy: why??

Girl: respect for the artists.

Guy: but if you've already burned the artists cd, why go out and buy their cd when you've already ripped them off?

Girl: because....*silence*

hehe and yes in case you were wondering, this girl did happen to be a blonde. it cracked me up listening to their convo hehe. made for bit of entertainment on a trip home one day.

Other news:
--> holidays are drawing nearer the by day. this is the last week b4 break. yay! (only downer is that i have an assignment due right in the middle of them..random i know...but i plan to get it outta the way early on so i can enjoy some time off =))

--->please pray for my extended family (none of whom are christians). my great-nana is sick and we're not sure how much longer she'll last. she's been quite keen on Christian things, read this Bible we gave her but yeah we dont know where she stands. Dad will most probably be taking the funeral.

thanks, have a gud week all :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Train Conversations

Isn't it amazing what you get to overhear sometimes on a train ride? heh. the other day i was going into uni on the train and over heard this guy and girl talkin about the elections, so decided to tune in...what they were saying was good, they didnt seem to be really for Labour or anything from what i could tell. The guy made a good point, i thought, about Labours whole interest free student loan promise - he was like 'why should students get interest free loans? people that get mortgages on their houses dont get interest free.' so yeah.

In other news...i have been keeping on top of my uni work so far, which is good. i had 2 assignments due last week, and have one due this Fri (its an essay which i'm ready to start writing 2morrow...i may possibly have it finished a day or so b4 the deadline instead of the night before...shock horror!) And then i get a bit of a break which is always good. This semester is whizzing by...we have 2 weeks off for mid-semester break starting next Fri..yay! aaah the uni lifestyle...;)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Miracles do happen!

haha ^. in foosball games anyway - i finally beat Scott last nite woohoo 10-9....amazing comeback for me when he beat me 10-0 not long b4 :P then in our rematch it was 10-7 to him...but yeah i didnt mind haha.

And now onto a more serious topic....

Thurs last week EU was invited to go along to this 'peace day' service at the Chapel at uni. If i was to describe it one word it would be 'interesting'. There were people there from different religious groups ie Jewish, Bahai, Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic (i think the purpose of us goin was to 'interact' with these people which we didnt end up doing...left straight after). It was a bit of an eye-opener hearing all the weird and wonderful things some of them talked about (esp the Hindu guy...they seem to be all into 'spirits' etc and he said something bout nature...i kinda switched off after awhile) - altho most of them managed to read an excerpt from whatever book they hold to that talked about peace. The Islamic guy read a section out of the Koran which he proceeded to say in Arabic first and then translated into English - when he said it in Arabic it sounded like some weird kinda chant thing. The main speaker they'd brought in for the service was Ahmed Zhouri (who unbeknown to me has been in the media a bit in recent months - i didnt recognise him) and yeah he spoke for a little while - they'd even printed out what he said to hand out to people that were interested.

Anyway as you would expect at a peace service they kept goin on...and on...and on...about peace and tolerance etc etc It got a bit annoying actually b/c the whole time i was sitting there thinking to myself "there is never goin to be world peace among all these different religions no matter how badly they want it. tolerance does not equal peace necessarily. it seemed like they just want the whole 'all roads lead to heaven' thing". Anyhow the whole experience just made me value Christianity and my faith so much more....

Also i was just reading in the latest Investigate magazine mum got and Ian Wishart has written something that relates to this topic and he made some good points, so will post them on here next time.

Election Mania

Man im so sick of seeing billboards, flyers and all manner of paperwork thats been goin round about voting for such and such lately. At uni last week in particular it was election time for AUSA president (which i did end up voting in). In the leaflets they leave in the lecture theatres one guy runnin for Prez had said that he would aim to 'make Albert Park safer' which i promptly turned into a Tui billboard message haha. i mean what, was he planning on gettin security 24/7 for the park? heh who knows.

neway i better leave it here coz i need to go work on my English assignment...laters

Monday, August 01, 2005

Its about time...

...for an update! :P yeah i thought so too. Well i'm back to uni and still tryin to get myself outta holiday mode...the assignments have gradually started to roll in, have 3 due all around the same time (in a couple weeks) so yeah will have to get onto them at some point, but i just cant be bothered at this stage - and its only the beginning of the semester. One thing i am proud of tho is that i have managed to keep on top of my English work thus far...Chaucer really is another language!! Shakespeare is gonna be a breeze after this...makes you thankful for books written in modern english thats for sure!

It seems to be the season of engagements too which is great =) ie Christy & Tim, Scott & Sarah, Mark & Joanne...congrats to ya-all :)

Sat nite at the Cambodia Quiz night was good. My team was one of the few teams that didnt cheat tho :P well ive been told only 2 or 3 teams actually bought points.. so yeah. but least it increased the amount raised :)

Hmm what else to say...not a lot...when i think of anything else worthwhile ill be sure to post it ;)