Thursday, February 23, 2006 still alive!

...and my blog is too, believe it or not hehe. Sorry for the lack of updates over the past 2 or 3 months, i guess ive had a bit of a hiatus from bloggin on here with Christmas and while i've been away etc. But yeah im gonna do my best to regularly catch ya-all up to date on what im up to thru the rest of this year heh. So let me walk ya thru some of my summer highlights so far...

Summer Highlights
>>First off Christmas, as always, was a real good time :) kickstarting the day off we had Mums family over: my uncle and his g/f flew in from Melbourne, my aunty, and my grandparents.

>>Then on the 27th i flew down w/ some other friends down to good ol' Chch for YBC =) was really good fellowship down there, and really good, challenging talks as well from the speakers. The week afterwards hangin out at van Rijs (big ups to them for the great hospitality with a fair few of us staying there :) ) was great also. Saw us 'lay to rest' the game of Mafia (for now anyways) and become hooked on...'Lunchbox'. great game :) We also went and had a look in Chch city and up the Port Hills, Hanmer Springs, to an 'amazing maize maze' place and yeah then at the end of the week went to Mark & Ginas wedding. So yeah was sad when i had to leave Christchurch, and head on down to....

>>Dunedin. I stayed down there for a couple of weeks and had a good time there too :) The first week i helped out with Karen (irvine) and her uncle with the cooking which they were doin for the 8-12 y.o. boys summer camp at CYC. And yes, u did read that right...i helped them cook :P and it was quite fun heh. Me and Karen made, or attempted to make, lamingtons on one of the days...only to find that we'd run out of both coconut and icing sugar half way thru making them lol. However all was not lost as we came up with the great idea of just using the rest of the sponge for trifle for another night heh (see Scott, trial and error, can turn into something good sometimes :P)

>>My parents 25th wedding anniversary. This was back on Jan 31st, and yeah on the night of it we all went out as a family for dinner up the Sky Tower at the Orbit Restaurant. Got some good pics up there too, which are the ones up the top there ^.

>>Getting my FULL license =) i achieved that last Thurs. The test was at like 3pm that day tho so i spent the whole day being a bit nervous about it but in the end it went fine :) Its so good having it and not having to worry bout any more stupid legal curfews and also being able to take passengers no worries at all.

In other news
...i go back to uni on Monday. Have all my papers sorted...its gonna be a pretty full on year. I've now changed to doin a double major in History & Geography. I had a clash between this geo paper i have to take and this history one, but thats sorted now b/c i got a course waiver form signed :) which means ill miss one lec (out of 3 Geo lecs) of Geography a week, but they usually put good notes up on Cecil and ill make sure i do the key readin etc to catch up what ive missed. parents go on their trip to Aussie in about 10 days or so...which means we'll be at home all alone. Nah should be fine, my auntys moving in with me, jon and our aunty will all be taking turns with cooking and various other things. Im sure we'll survive heh.

Well that about wraps it up for now, will blog some more sometime soon, have a gud rest of the week everyone :) God bless