Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Its official - i've now graduated from MH!

Tonight was my Graduation Dinner, and i've now officially graduated from highschool! =) Still hasn't suck in yet and probably won't for awhile. Was really cool catching up with and seeing every1 again. Tried to get photos with as many people as i could - will have to post them on my Webshots photos site once i've uploaded them - and got most my friends to sign my yearbook. We got given our y13 packs which included our testimonial, normal yearbook, specialy y13 yearbook and also ur leaver's hoodie. So that was cool. A couple of the deputy head prefects had also put photos from the year of different school things - trips etc - onto a CD for us as well as the y13 form class photos and other ones too so that was nice of them. So many pics to look at. If ur lucky i might even post the pic of me that's in the y13 yearbook :P (they did it American styles by taking individual photos of the year 13s) So..... despite the food being average and some girl throwing up at my table :s (which i wasnt there at the time thankfully) and the music...well what music...there was none at all basically coz someone had forgotten to bring the sound system or wateva..... it was a good nite overall. Now its a 3 month break till Uni starts and a new chapter in my life begins!

Friday, November 26, 2004

They're over!!!!

Yay! i'm now free! =) from highschool etc that is. Still hasnt really sunk in yet. Had my last exam yesterday (thurs) which was Bio...was pretty terrible exam, every1 pretty much hated it - the questions were nothing like we had for our practise exam. but oh well :/ thats life. Probably my best exam was English so yeah. i'm just glad they're over, won't get results for awhile - not till Jan i think. I applied for Auckland Uni last week so just need to send in info like evidence of citizenship blah blah blah.

And in other news....
Graduation dinner is on Nov 30! :) will be the last time i'll see most people so i'm gonna try take lotsa pics. We get our leavers hoodies there, plus testimonials and yearbooks (they did a special y13 one this year apparently as well as the normal one). So shud be good.

I'm also now back doing Christmas work at Manukau warehouse. Basically working right up until Christmas Day altho not as many shifts as last year and they've changed it so that most ppl are only working 6-7hrs at a time not 9hrs like last year. So that means less $ for me since i dont have as many shifts but oh well :/ least it means i get a break every few days. Also managed to get sundays off without a problem again so thats cool.

My aunty is flying in early this Sunday morning (5:30am) from London so will be nice seeing her again. I'm planning on going out to the airport too. She's been doing her OE and has been working at this real good job over there. Shud hopefully be able to get in some quality shopping time with her too while she's staying with us! =)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

1 down only 5 more to go...

....yep im well and truly in exam mode now :/ So far i've had one exam, Chem, which was yesterday morning and it went....alright i guess. I just tried to do as much as i could and im hoping for the best. But i dont really need Chem for a BA so i'm not too worried. Next week will be busy - 4 exams in a row: english (tues), english schol. (wed) history (thurs avo) geo (fri morning). i hate back to back exams like i have with history and geo. but i'm real glad i don't have 2 exams on one day tho, coz thats a real brain killer. And then my last (highschool) exam forever is Bio which is on 25 nov. and then i'll be done!! yay, lookin 4ward to that day.

dont worry, i'm gonna be making up for my lack of regular updates, as soon as i'm on holiday! :) just warning ya

well i betta get back to writing my essay, just thought i'd let u all know i'm still alive,

laters 4 now