Saturday, March 19, 2005


Man didnt realise the pic would take up that much space. I shuda tried to edit it on photobucket somehow. Ah well! I just hope it all goes back to normal after this post.

Farewell lazy hazy summer days....
Yep as of tonight, we will be going back an hour, the end of daylight saving, and in my mind it really means the end of summer =( Altho, with the great weather we've been having lately - beautiful blue sunny not-a-cloud-in-the-sky days - you wouldnt think that we're in the middle of autumn! I'm making the most of it...

Easter Camp
Only a few more days till EC 05 =) I'm really looking forward to it, will be great catching up with everyone again. Cant believe how early Easter is this year. I'm flying down to Chch on Wed with my brother and then gettin a ride down somehow to Waihola. Shud be fun :)

Monday, March 14, 2005


Sat nite was my Kirsten's 21st b'day and she had a barn dance =) Was heapsa fun. (EVERYONE star to the left Scott!! =P). The theme was Western too which most ppl dressed up to so that was cool. I borrowed this cool top from my aunty that had tassles at the bottom of it, and wore jeans and my US bandanna heh heh (good excuse to wear it). So yeah overall was a pretty fun night.

Which is bet-ah: Telecom or Vodafone?
I randomly bring up this topic b/c the other day i was goin thru my directory and found that nearly half my contacts are on Telecom now. Vodafone really needs to come up with something just as good or bet-ah to retrieve back its ex-customers. I, a loyal Vodafone person, have not yet switched to the "dark side" but it is tempting. Anyways i kinda can't now b/c.....i have a new cell phone :) Courtesy of my aunty who got me it in Singapore hehe (i'm paying her back for it). For those interested, its a Panasonic X68 and if u type that into Google Images u can see what it looks like (its black and silver flip phone, w/ pxt etc etc). Just gotta sort out how to change my browser/settings so i can send/receive MMS, but other than that i've pretty much sorted how to use most the features on it.

Other than that i've not got much else to say for now, except that uni has been going pretty good. Today i wrote down how many people i'd seen from school/church around campus or at the train and came up with 30+ so yeah =) Just need to make sure i keep on top of all my readings (so much to read for an Arts degree :/ ) and get writing my essays in the next week or two.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Quick Update

Well i've survived my first week of uni!! woohoo =) this week has been pretty cruisey, mainly b/c most labs/tutorials dont start until next wk (i did have an English one tho). So far my fave lectures have been the History and Geo ones, i'm not sure what to think of the English one, but it should get better as time goes on. One annoying thing tho has just been the way (i think all) my lecturers have somehow managed to slip in a snide comment about God/Christianity, u know like almost making it sound like its fairytale stuff, like little kids when they believe in Santa Claus. Well at least thats how it comes across. But i guess it just reinforces the fact that i go to a largely non-christian uni (as in ppl that go there, staff & students) and the state of our nation and the world as they continue to mock Christianity to the enth degree....all the more reason to get out there, and make the most of the opportunities God gives us to be a 'light to the world' and share the gospel!