Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Realling interesting article....

...give this a read - 'When Is an Abortion Not an Abortion?' which investigates the South Dakota Abortion Ban that has been proposed. Its a long article but worth reading. It reminds me of the issue that was covered in the first Francine Rivers book i read 'The Atonement Child'.

Other than that, uni has been goin well so timetable is pretty cool - start at 11 or 12pm most days and finish at 4pm and get Fridays off :) I've changed to doin a double major now in History & Geography so yeah things will be pretty full on this year. But im liking my papers so far except for..Geo 204 which is on stupid Geographic Info Systems and is basically just about analysing data and lookin at how data is analysed etc etc so is really just a lot of Stats :/ Its 100% coursework too. Anyway moving on...

Mum & Dad left for Aussie on Monday.. got up early to take them out to the airport. They're in Melbourne at the mo and are having a good time :) Im sure they'll come back with heapsa pics. So yeah me & Jonathan are taking turns doin some cookin (along with our aunty who's come to stay for a bit), so far its been goin alright and none of us have experienced any food poisoning heh.

Anyway i betta go for now, have a good rest of the week everyone :)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Check it out

Found this video on this girls blogger site, its awesome! :)