Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Winter - gotta love it/gotta hate it

Winter - gotta love it/gotta hate it. Its all good if ur at the snow n stuff and having a good time skiing, snowboarding or just having a snow fight. But if u live here in Auckland where it doesnt snow and its just windy, wet, and cold (like today and yesterday) then its not much fun.But i really shouldn't complain too much compared to some of the temps the South Island has been getting!
School Stuff
I'm off on a geography camp to Rotorua next week which should be cool. Apart from the fact that i have to come home early from it on the last day :/ coz i have this piano duet exam thing that i'm doing which clashes with the time the school bus arrives back. Oh well thats life. But at least my parents will now be coming down to pick me up, so i won't have to end up catching a bus home earlier and being a loner on it :p

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Yay for half-days!

Today we got a half day off school which was good :) Coz of parent-teacher interviews. Which my parents are at right now. Shouldnt be too bad tho, since my report ended up being pretty good. And thats all i've got to say for now...

Monday, July 19, 2004

And so it begins....

Today went back to the grind, to the same ol' same ol' routine of school, work etc. Oh well, the teachers keep tryin to shock us with how many weeks of school we have left b4 we finish school 4ever and the amount of work we have to cover in that time. All i can say is, start the countdown!!
Hiding M&Ms
Yep i was that bored! Nah, actually i decided that tonight it would be quite amusing to hide the peanut M&Ms we had from my chocolate freak brothers! haha they couldnt find them for much for me being the "dumb blonde" :p

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Good Day Out

Today has been a good day out i must admit. Went shopping for most of the day, went up to Manukau, as i had some bday money to spend (even tho my bday was back in June) from my aunty, so bought myself some perfume (Giorgio 2 b specific). It has a really nice scent :) Also spotted these earrings that match exactly to this necklace i'm wearing to the ball this year so that was a bonus. Also got a few other things. It was definitely the day to go shopping as nearly everything we got was on sale hehe (apart from the perfume). So that was even better.
Tonight went out for dinner at Dennys. Was pretty packed but it is Friday night after all.
Good on ya!
Glad to see that some extra tools have been added here on this toolbar for creating posts such as colour, font etc.

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Arrgh school holidays are coming to an end :/ I dont want 2 go back, well i do but i dont if ya know wat i mean. Procrastination & me get along quite well 2getha haha which is not so good tho when it comes to h/w over the holidays. Dontcha just hate that?! Neway looks like it'll be a busy next few days since i've left some stuff i should've done earlier (ie collecting info for my geo project) till now...

Bowling for Columbine

The other night i watched 'Bowling for Columbine' (that one by Michale Moore) on tv. I mainly watched it b/c i wanted to see what things it said about the Columbine highschool massacre which it didnt have much on, but focused on the whole problems of guns etc in America. Said something like 11,128 ppl are hurt/killed in the US from guns, which is a massive figure compared to other western countries where its usually less than 80/yr. Crazyness.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wining & dining @ Sky Tower

Yesterday was a pretty good day out =) We didn't drink wine but we did dine in @ the Sky Tower Orbit Restaurant. Reason was coz I went in there with my Mum to meet up with some friends that had come across from Melbourne. We were just gonna go up to the observation deck but then found that there was a better deal for having lunch at the orbit restaurant which meant we didnt have to pay for the ride up. So yeah the food was good, views were great (even tho it was a bit overcast, but hey) and it was fun txting my bro who was at home with my little bro having a humble bakery lunch =p hehehe. We were able to see some ppl do the whole Sky Jump thingy - on the lift on the way up there was this guy who was all ready to do it, and was up to jump #4! Crazy guy. He was an English tourist so that explains a lot, musta been cheap as 4 him. Anyway, not something i would do!

Ball dress
Yay, my ball dress is nearly ready =) I went for another fitting today and its looking good. Now i've just gotta look for some rhinestone thingies to give the dress a bit of sparkle hehe. The joys of balls haha. But least i'm able to wear same shoes and necklace that i had last year, since it all matches with the colour of the material i have this year, so thats a bonus :)

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Holidays - how good are they?!

Yay, i'm now on holiday for the next couple weeks =) Really need this break, its been one busy as term @ school. But i guess thats what comes with Year 13. I'll be glad once this year's over and outta the way, well when it comes to the homework side of things neway!

Shopping in Newmarket
Today i went shopping with one of my friends to go look at material for her ball dress. Everything all adds up let me tell ya! Speaking of dresses, i just had a fitting for mine yesterday, its coming along pretty good :) should be good 2 go in another couple weeks.