Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy 2nd Bday Bloggy!

hehe. yeah, in case ya havent worked out, my blog turned 2 today. Have to say that unfortunately i havent been quite as devoted to it as i was during its first year. Im planning to change that.

It's also my brother's bday today - he's turned 18. such a youngun heh. Man i actually did feel kinda old last w/end when he was at the ball and i was picking up him and the girl he took....was like 'man i wish i could go back to my highschool balls...' - they were fun :) Amazing the way people managed to change for them too, esp some of the guys.

Other than that, can't believe ive already been on holiday for a week. My exams went alright overall i guess - one of them wasn't so great, but then there were a fair few people who felt the same away about it. so that was somewhat comforting. But yeah my final 2 were all in one day, so that was kinda hard going as the one in the avo was in this (really crappy) lecture theatre that was so hot, making it a bit hard to concentrate. Aside from that tho, those 2 exams went fairly well. But yeah i have 2 more weeks off :)

Didnt have the greatest of starts to the hols - managed to somehow pull a muscle in my neck so that sucked, but it cleared up within a couple days, so all is well :) My grandparents were also here this week so was good gettin to see them - especially my grandad (he's got cancer and yeah...). Anyway Reubens gone down with them back home for a week and then he's flying back (yup, all by himself) from N.P. next week. He was so excited about it, mainly about the fact that he finally gets to go on an airplane. Can't say i would have been as keen to by myself at that age tho hehe (as much as i love travel).

For the rest of the hols im lookin 4ward to catchin up with some friends from highschool days that i havent seen in awhile as well as hanging out with uni friends. And reading a good book or two - im finally starting on 'How Now Shall We Live' (by Chuck Colson for those that dont know). Its really good from what i've read already - i love how its not like super academic sounding but also not so dumbed down sounding, if you know what i mean. Oh yeah i also tried out swing dancing for the first time last night - was quite fun :) I went with a few friends from uni. Its cool coz they're stand alone lessons - and only 10 bucks with student I.D. - so you dont have to go every week if you dont want to. But yeah im gonna try and go along next week as well.

Well im gonna leave it here for now, so God bless & catch ya'all later.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

More than it seems....

Just to keep you going till i can update after my exams (as of 2mrw), i thought i'd post this very cool drawing someone did...look closely....theres more to it than you first think: