Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Balls, injections, and shopping

Well the last few days i've been a bit busy, so i'd catch ya'll up on what i've been up 2 lately....

Baptist Ball
The church ball i went to was on Sat nite and that went pretty good. Saw quite a few people i knew from St Andrews that were there as well as others from MH so it was like a little mini reunion thingy. It was held at this Car Museum place in Epsom so there were all these old cars down the side and upstairs so yeah gave it a different kinda setting to ur normal school ball hehe.

I had my meningitis jab thing last Thurs and it went alright. took 2 seconds max for the actual thing. I didnt get too many of the side effects which was good, just a headache and a sore arm. But yeah i've heard most ppls arms hurt for the first week or so afterwards....

Today and yesterday went and did a bit of shopping. I've been on the hunt for some pink earrings with silver background but yeah they're not to be found. Apparently they're quite popular at the moment so will have to wait a bit. But bought these other earrings while i was in town yesterday which are nice. Today I was at Botany and finally found this top which matches the skirt i'm gonna wear for Graduation dinner which isn't for another couple months, but least i won't have to worry bout finding an outfit after exams are over so thats good.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Meeting Yellowcard

Today I went with my friend into the city to ZM studio to go meet Yellowcard which was cool, even thought we both hadn't heard much of their music b4 haha. There musta been about 40-50 ppl there, and yeah Yellowcard played about 4 of their songs for us. Then afterwards we all had a big group photo with the guys which should be on the ZM site if you want to check it out (still yet to find it on there, but they said they'll probably put it on there 2nite) and then we each got a signed Cd single of theirs. So that was good.

2mrw's V-day
Well tomorrow's the day i'm off to get my meningitis jab...oh what fun that'll be....i'll probably have a sore arm for the next day or so but i'm hoping it won't hurt too much by Sat as thats the day of my friend's church ball....

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I think i've had...

...about enough junk food to last me a lifetime. haha, well for a few days neway. Last night was at my friend's place for her b'day thing and yeah we just basically hung out, ate heapsa junk food (i had access to a big bag of Skittles so i was happy :p) and yeah watched some dvds. Yesterday this other girl from school rang me up and said she'd won a double pass off ZM to go to this meet and greet thing to see Yellowcard in ZM studio tommorrow. hehe i've only heard a little bit bout them and we both haven't heard their music or anything. so we really deserve to go haha. ah well, least we'll be able to get their autographs n stuff and my bro just informed me that they won an award at the latest MTV awards or something. so yeah.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Nice start to the hols

Today was a good day. Had a nice relaxing start to the hols. Got to sleep in a little, and just lazed round home most of the day. Tonight went out to the movies with my friend and to McCafe afterwards which was good. We saw 'the village' which was a thriller, kinda had a strange story line, but was good coz it was a different kind of thriller and it had some twists in it too. And yeah then afterwards went across to McCafe for a coffee n stuff so that was all good.

Well i really don't have too much else to say, other than that i'm so NOT looking forward to this coming Thurs since thats when i'm gettin my first meningitis shot (i missed the first one at school) :/ Still don't want to get it, don't see the point in it as it only lasts up until ur 20 anyway. Oh well...

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Good ol' holidays...

Well spring break is finally here =) Had my last exam this morning (geography). Overall my exams went ok i guess, should've done more study for some of them...well actually all of them...oh well. Least I'll know what to work on for the coming months. For the holidays haven't got too much planned, I should really make another study plan tho - one that i'll actually stick to this time - and do some study, but i'm definitely taking time out to relax as well. Going to my friend's church ball on the middle w/end, got my friend from the South Island coming up to stay with me for a few days, and then i think we're going to a 21st on the last w/end of the holidays. So that should be good. Nothing more to say so i'm out..till next time...

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Spring is in the air!

Yay :) Its spring time every1 in case u haven't already worked that out hehe. Means summer is round the corner and thats always good =) Those crisp, frosty mornings are behind us now and that makes gettin up (for me) just that much easier haha :p

Exam time :/
Exams always seem to roll round fast!! Seems like it wasn't so long ago that it was the mid-year exams. Oh well...once this lot of practise exams are outta the way, it'll be downhill for the number of weeks left of school but uphill for all the work i'm gonna have to do in the next few months (!!) if i want to get some Merits and Excellences. But hey, its only for the next little while i guess...