Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wedding Bells are a'ringing

As ya can see, those are some pics of the happy couple, taken last weekend :) cant believe its already been a week, twas a good day. I might put up some of the other ones we took, on my photo site soon - so if you weren't able to be at the wedding and want to see some, drop me a line and ill give ya the link.

In other news, its been crazy busy at uni, just with all the assignments being loaded on b4 Easter Break...but it is comforting to know that currently everyone else is in the same boat or a very similar one. Im sure the lecturers conspire to plan things this way, but then it means they have to mark them all over the break haha. So yeah this coming week i have a 30% essay due Mon, Tues - 10% test (originally i thought it was 25%), and then Wed - 25% test. Oh what fun. I had a moment of great stress the other day when I realized one of my tests is actually on Thurs - i thought in my head it was on the Wed but yeah strangely enough, i had it written down right in my diary. And yeah im flying down to Dunedin Wed nite. So yeah i went to try and track down my course co-ordinator for that course ASAP but he wasn't in his office at the then i sent an email asking if there was any way i could sit the test on the Wed, before i went about changin my flight (which i'd booked way back in Jan, so before uni even started) - and the next morning i got an email back saying i can sit it at 4pm that day *major relief* =)

So yeah right now im procrastinating about writing this essay... but i guess i better get it done sooner rather than later.

Probably won't update between now and Easter, so have a blessed Easter everyone =)