Friday, April 15, 2005

Blah Blah Blah

Hey all. Haha just look at my creative title ^...not. really couldnt be bothered thinking of one. ah well. Thought i'd catch ya up on a few things that have been goin on lately...

Well i got my first uni essay back this week (history one) and i got a B for it =) so i was happy, considering i'd written it the night before and the fact that, as stated, it was my first uni essay. For my next history essay i'm gonna try and aim for a little bit higher (B+ or A- hopefully). I cannot tell you how GOOD it is to have assignments marked with a proper marking system - ie percentages, letters. Such a change from NCEA.

Last week I wrote my Geo essay at the real last minute tho - pulled a 'half-nighter' - stayed up till 3am then got up 8:30am (on the Fri, day it was due) and finished it by lunchtime. Was annoying having to go all the way into the city just to hand it in but yeah it had to be done. Im beginning to think maybe i would be well-suited to journalism, as i seem to leave things to the last minute...i dont plan it that way..honest, it just happens!! I find i write better under pressure anyway, and some of my best essays have been when i've done this.

Comedy Night
Last week i went to this 'Clean Comedy Night' at this girl's church, and it was pretty good. One guy in particular was pretty funny, he was from South Auckland hehe. Some of the guys that performed there are gonna be at the 'Clean Comedy Show' at Aotea Centre so yeah....

This Just In: i have a "twin"!
yes, crazy as it may sound, i have a twin of me, somewhere, out there! so beware ha ha ha =p well it sure seems like it anyway. I have had 2 people now tell me that they've seen me at such and such a place when i've been at home. The first time was a few weeks ago when this dude that was in my history class last year txtd me to say he saw me at the Info Commons at uni...but yeah i was like 'ummm no i'm at home' (it was a day off). Then just the other day this girl in my form class said to me on msn that she saw me walking down Browns Rd early in the morning....she had me worried for a second b/c my first thought was 'no i couldnt possibly have slept-walked' haha. but yeah nah that was the day i slept in thru my alarm and i was at uni all that morning. Both of them were like 'oh ok but she looked heaps like you'

People these days.....

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Easter Camp 05!

Hey everyone, hope ya'll had a great and blessed Easter =) I know i did, went away to Easter Camp in Waihola, was cool :) The singing was really good, i reckon the best i've heard at any camp i've been to so far, i even recorded little snippets of my fave songs we sung at camp on my phone hahaha. Just as a little memento. And the theme was good too, 'Survivor' hehe...whoeva created the Survivor poster thingy did a great job =) Hehe the tribe i was in was called 'Nwolc' <~~ read it backwards and u'll understand (we got the idea from the material we were given to make into a flag and badannas which had these things on it). It was good catchin up with ppl and yeah just havin a good time. The talks were also quite good too, i think Josh said something bout putting them on the EC site for those of you that weren't able to come down for camp. I might attempt to post some photos of camp from my phone up on2 the SEC site too. I got my films developed the other day and most of them turned out pretty well...

Blogger Blunder
Man i deleted the post i made with the pic of me and a couple friends coz it was so huge, and coz it pushed my links on the side down the page...but last time i checked it hadn't got rid of it/fixed it =/ SO annoying.