Friday, October 29, 2004

Its been awhile...

Was checking my blog and noticed its been quite awhile since my last update! probably the longest i've gone w/o updating actually.

The countdown of the 'last-ofs'...
yep, my highschool days are definitely numbered now. We are now all gettin into the 'last ofs' today for instance was the last full Friday ever at hs and the end our last full week of hs 4eva. i still remember my first day of highschool like it was yesterday! sure has gone fast. Graduatin Dinner will be happy/sad night i reckon. I've paid for my leavers hoodie/jumper, spent ages trying to come up with a nickname for it, and at the moment i've come up with KiwiStylz and then 86 for my number, since at least that identifies me as a Kiwi even tho i was born in Aussie :P any1 got any other suggestions? lemme know. got till tues to write it down on the order form. all my family could suggest was 'Pris' or 'Priscilla' original :p

Exams, exams exams
Well exams are looming by the week, the day, the minute!! arrgh. well one thing i'm glad about is that i dont have two exams in one day, coz that's a killer on ur brain. Would appreciate y'all prayers for me for my exams etc to stay focused when studying etc.

Well thats about all i have time to say 4 now, other than that it's felt like a year of 21sts! lots of ppl from church it seems have turned the big 2 1 this year. was at my cousin's 21st the other week, which was alright - me and my bro made quite an impact apparently by not drinking along with the rest of them.

neway betta get off here,
t/c every1 & G/b

Sunday, October 10, 2004


A couple days ago i voted for the first time in my life - was for the local body election thingies for mayor etc - so yeah. Just thought i'd share that with ya'll haha. it was mainly a case of eeny meeny miney mo tho for who i chose for Mayor, local community board n stuff tho since i only knew a couple of the candidates n stuff. Seems like its election mania at the moment with Aussies elections this w/end and America's next month and then local elections throughout NZ too. i'm sick of hearing bout it all....

Youthgroup started back up again tonite, first one for the term, and it went pretty well. Good turnout of ppl and we had some interesting debates n stuff along with the usual games, singing, mingling and supper :)

Well thats bout all i can think of 2 write right now, so i'm out...till next time

Monday, October 04, 2004

Its all downhill from here...

Well term 4 has begun, and its all downhill from here. Gotta cram in lotsa study in the 5 weeks i have left till my first exam. which is Chem, uggh. We got some of our practise exam results back, did ok for some and not so good on others, but least i know the sections i need to revise. The joys of study/revising/exams huh. well this will probably be it for the next few weeks coz i'm gonna try to restrict myself from distractions like the Net and tv n stuff for the next little while....