Saturday, March 31, 2007

Split Second

Well this is just something I wrote really spontaneously last night, and felt like posting on here. It's a challenge to myself and others, both Christian and non-Christian alike...

Split Second

In the click of a finger
the blink of an eye
There is no doubt
that in just a split second
life can pass us by

(Coz) You thought you had some time
Time to enjoy 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'
But that pursuit was in vain
As you attempted to gain
material wealth and some element of fame
doing just about anything
to make yourself a name
Yet never could you have imagined
it would come down to this,

The voice of the doctor saying
'I'm sorry to tell you, but you have cancer'
Forever leaving you with those words ringing in your ears
Or in those final moments as you
lose control of your car and wait
for the crunch of metal against metal
in a head on collision
Nor did you ever consider that just
being at the wrong place
at the wrong time
Could wreak such havoc
in such a short space of time.

In the click of a finger
the blink of an eye
There is no doubt
that in just a split second
life can pass us by
So take every second, every minute
every day
And give God the glory for who He is and what He's done
For TODAY is the day to
Seek God, Live Life, and Impact the World.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

First for 2007

Well, well, it sure has been awhile since i last blogged on here! Or anywhere heh. So just thought i'd give ya a brief rundown of my summer in the form of highlights :)

  • Finishing exams way before anyone else did in Nov :) I finished Nov 3rd
  • I scored myself a summer job thru SJS, doin reception for this company out at the airport. God really provided just the right job at just the right time - had full-time work there from end of Nov right up till end of Feb, was good $/hr, good hours, and good staff :) I felt so loved there haha & it was sorta sad to leave, but my boss there said i can come back anytime i need work like during uni hols etc :)
  • Christmas/New Years/YBC: each of these was great! was also cool gettin to catch up with friends from down south who came up for YBC :)
  • Spending a w/end away at Waiheke Island: I hadnt been over to Waiheke since i was like 10, so it was cool gettin to go back and go with my family to stay at my uncle's bach there. We went over in the car ferry coz the rest of my familiy were staying there for the week & decided to take the car so they could go all over the island. But yeah so it sucked having to come back to work on the Monday but ah well, at least the weather was good during the time that i was there - had a swim at one of the beaches there & checked out some of the shops.
  • Going to Parachute 07: was a great festival and loved the lineup :) probably one of the highlights of the whole festival for me was on the Sun nite when Third Day came on stage and Mac (lead singer) started singing Agnus Dei & then brought Darlene Zschech on stage to sing it with him :) Sounded awesome, especially with everyone else in the crowd singing along...its times like those when you can really imagine something of what it'll be like worshipping God in heaven! The weather there was also great as well, despite the forecast of rain for the whole w/end - i came away quite sunburnt. however it did end up absolutely POURING down on the last nite...that wasn't so good...tent soaked = sleeping bags soaked inside out, me & my friend soaked to our skin, puddles under our stretchers heh. All fun n games. But aside from that, it was a great time :) got a ton of pics.

Yeah so those are pretty much the highlights of my summer. I'm now back into uni...finding it hard getting myself back into uni mode again tho...prob because i worked right up till uni started and didn't give myself a break heh. In sayin that tho, this first semester is looking to be pretty alright workload wise coz im doin two stage 3s (Geographies of Pacific Development// USA & Latin America history) and two stage 1s (Educational thought// Issues & Themes in Sociology), so it makes for a nice balance. Second semester will really be crunch time tho because it will be full on with work - will have two stage 3s that are both 100% coursework as well as doin two stage 2s.

Anyway i betta get going for now, hopefully my next blog wont take 3 months to happen!