Monday, December 27, 2004

Hope every1 had a gr8 CHRISTmas :)

Hey ppl, hope everyone had a great Christmas =) My Christmas was pretty good, nice and relaxing. The Christmas Eve service was cool, every1 got in2 it. The skit and the songs went well and there was a pretty good turnout of people too :) Christmas Day my family had lunch at the Peeks along with the Coulthards, Kennedys & Papeschs which was cool, as well as having a game of Cranium =) Boxing Day we had a family get2gether with my Dad's side at my uncle's place in Parnell. That was good too, nice catching up with my cousins etc n just hanging out, even tho the weather wasn't the greatest. But in saying that, it does feel like summer has finally arrived in the last few days or so! Blue cloudless skies....aaah gotta love it.... just hope it lasts!

Today i went shoppin for 80s clothes (in prep. for the 80s themed dinner at YBC on one of the nights). Man they had some ugly as clothes in the 80s! Anyway went off to Savemart and myself this bright pink, swirly skirt and a pink top to match it. My bro found a checkered shirt and some creamy coloured trousers. Yay YBC 2mrw! =)

Well thats about all my news for now - next time i'll post it'll be the New Year! T/c and have a good one!

Friday, December 24, 2004

'Twas the day b4 Christmas....

Man, still can't believe its Christmas 2morrow! Well i kinda can going on the amount of ppl at The Warehouse the last few days/weeks. Last nite was utter chaos. I was put on c/out 17 which is right at the front - cant stand that c/out since the rack thing for the bags to hang off isnt there, there's hardly any bins to put clothes hangers in etc, and to make it worse it was Ca$h only as the Eftpos system had crashed on c/out 17 & 18 :/ Then there was the fact that some customers either could not read or refused to read the sign that clearly said 'Cash only. 5 items of less' and proceeded to hand me their card and then make it look like it was my fault that i was only taking cash. Some of them really needed to take a chill pill too. And everytime i looked up the line never seemed to be gettin any shorter. aaah well, enough of my complaints, thats the joys of working at TWH.

Tonight after work (doin 4-8:30pm) i have the Christmas Eve service to go to which should be good. Then 2mrw, Christmas Day, there's service at 9am and then we're joinin up with some other families from church for lunch at the Peeks which'll be cool. And then Boxing Day we're going to my uncle's place in Parnell for a bbq and family get-2-getha thing with my Dad's side. So will be a busy next few days.

Merry CHRISTmas all! Have a good one and remember the reason for the season =)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Highlights of my year - 2004

K well since its nearing the end of the year, i thought i'd recap what some of the highlights of 2004 were for me:

Dec 03 - Jan 04:
I'm starting from Dec 03 coz thats when i went to my first YBC which was down in Dunedin :) Was cool to finally meet all these people i'd heard about and also make some new friends. The speakers were also real good, Stuart Bonnington & Alf Bradfield, and yeah overall i had a good time. Apart from gettin campylobacter from the water down there!! ugggh thats an experience i don't want to repeat. Came back a bit of a mess - was sunburnt and feelin sick n stuff and that was only a few days b4 i was due to fly out to Aussie. Anyway, i finally got to go to Aussie - Melb. in particular - for the first time in ages (since we'd moved back here) on 8 Jan and spent an awesome couple weeks there with the Brightwells who took me round everywhere and met a lot of ppl and got to catch up with some Kiwi friends that were living up in Nth Vic. on this dairy farm. So yeah that was definitely a highlight of my year. Was kinda gutted coming back to NZ hehe, wished i coulda stayed there longer.

On 7 April i went to my first Rebecca St James concert =) Was pretty cool. Detour 180 were supporting act too. Got a heap of pics.

Then over Easter i went down to Easter Camp in Waihola and had a great time there! The theme was the Olympics and i was in the USA team. We lost overall tho :/ lol we werent the best group of singers...i think thats wat stopped us from gettin some points. We had to sing our anthem one night and then 'I believe i can fly' on another night. Was still fun tho hehe. The Aussie group won overall. Canada's group did the best skit thingy for their song 'My Heart will Go on' lol.

On 1st June i turned 18 =) a milestone haha. Also got heaps of teasing from family and co about whether i was gonna follow in my Mum's footsteps and get married at 18. somehow i dont think so.....

Early August i went on Geo camp down to Rotorua. That went off pretty well. Went and did all the touristy things as ya do and i enjoyed being able to talk 2 some foreigners n stuff. Had to come back from camp early tho with my Dad - who drove all the way down to pick me up - to come back up to Akld to do a piano duet exam with my Mum. Was worth it tho coz Mum & I passed it =)

21 August was the night of my last highschool ball. Was pretty cool night. The decorations were great and as always was cool to see everyone all dressed up :)

During the Sept holidays Karen (Irvine) came up from the South Island to stay with us for a few days so that was nice seein her again.

This was the month of 21sts. Or so it seemed like it. Went to a couple - someone from church and my cousin's one. Both were good.

While this month was pretty crazy with final exams and everything it also had one highlight with the Graduation Dinner being on 30 Nov =) finally graduating from highschool & gettin all our leavers things was a great feeling.

The other week i passed my latest piano exam - was Performers Certificate one - and it went pretty well overall. Anyway my results came back in record time - i sat the exam on the Fri and got them a few days later on the Monday :) So that was cool especially since i passed it :) A years worth of hard practise towards it finally paid off.

And coming up.....
i'm heading off to YBC again over New Years so that should be another good time. Its in Auckland this year so not too far to go for it this time.

Friday, December 10, 2004


Today i had my piano exam which went pretty well overall. Was just annoyed about a few little mistakes i made but there was no major catastrophe so that was good. The piano was so nice, was a grand piano :) And the examiner was quite nice too. The supervisor lady said we may have results back as early as Wed!

So yeah, i'm now finally able to relax now. Roll on those lazy summer days!

Up until Christmas i'm working every few days at The Warehouse so that'll keep me busy. There sure are some grumpy customers out there, but i guess thats to be expected at this time of the year and especially at the place where 'everyone gets a bargain'.

Hmmm.....thats about all i can think of for now. I'll be updating more regularly from now on hopefully. And gonna try out doing some links n stuff to my photo site thing on here.