Monday, February 28, 2005

Its off to uni i go....

Well i am now officially a uni student, just went to my first lecture today and it went alright. Was on US history, but was just more an introduction to the course. The lecturer seems like he'll be pretty good though, everyone else that has done this paper has told me that he's quite good, so that's promising. Just gotta add a history tutorial into my timetable thingy. At the mo my timetable looks like this: over lunchtime for one lecture on Mondays; there all day Tuesday; Wed morning; & Thurs morning & then got Fri off which is cool =)

I bought my books (well semester 1 ones) on Friday and got my train tickets and all that so i'm pretty much sorted. Also have been bumping into quite a few ppl i know around campus and on the train so that's been cool catchin up a bit with every1.

Welcome to the blogging world Lou =) (hopefully my link to your blog is showing up on the sidebar).

Quote of the Day
Well i actually came across this quote the other day in somebody's signature, but quite liked it, so here it is:

"Faith is not just believing that God can, its knowing that He will"

And on that little encouraging note, i'm gonna sign off, l8rs 4 now.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

5 days left!!

Yep thats right ppl, i now only have 5 days left of my summer break! it is rapidly disappearing on me now! but ah well, its all good, i've had a nice 3 month summer holiday =) and i'm all set for uni....well almost, just need to get my books and train tickets sorted out. Can't believe i'm counting down to when uni starts, how sad is that?! nah i'm sure it'll be good, i am lookin 4ward to it, altho once the workload hits i'm sure it won't seem quite a novelty.

Paul Coleman/Lads concert
The concert i went to last week to see PC/Lads was pretty good :) PC is typical Aussie, funny guy tho =) we got a pic with him afterwards and i got him to sign a couple things. He was from Melbourne too as all good ppl are ;) not that i'm calling myself an Australian or anything ok.....NEway for those interested i might try post the pic sometime on my yahoo photos site.

Well i'm gonna get off here and make the most of what little 'balmy summer days' i have left to enjoy outside (not that the weather is lookin that great today) so laters 4 now

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Easter Camp

Last nite me and my brother finally booked our airfares to head down to Easter Camp =) (speakin of which, i can't believe how close Easter is! only a month or so away). And what a mission it was. Most of the return tickets for Air NZ were like $400+ so we then decided to look at Qantas and found some cheaper prices there. However in the end we decided to book two one way tickets on Air NZ flying in and out of Chch which worked out cheaper for us :) So anyway, we're all sorted. Just waiting on the camp leaflet thingy and registration form now. Shud be cool, will be my brother's first time goin to it. And his first time he's been to the Sth island since he was like 4 y/o!!

In other breaking news....
1) I'm heading off to the Paul Coleman/Lads concert 2nite, @ Greenland Christian Centre, shud be good.

2) I managed to talk this american into listenin to Life FM online and now they're hooked! they even emailed them and did a shout to me and a request haha. Which got read out today during the lunchtime requests. Go Life it! =)

Thursday, February 10, 2005

...and the boredom sets in....

The novelty of being able to sleep in as long as i like most mornings lately and not having much to do - while my parents are off at work and my brothers at school - is starting to wear off. I am now gettin quite bored of being on the Net and am trying to think of something productive to do or places to go...........oh well once im at uni things will probably be quite busy so i should make the most of my last couple weeks of hols.....laters 4 now

Saturday, February 05, 2005

I'm baaaaaaack

Heh heh just when you thought my blog was dying =P its so annoying, everytime i've gone to update here recently the comp has frozen or something has prevented it from publishing so here goes....

Family Holiday
Went up north with my family a week or so ago. Stayed at Warkworth for a couple nites at a friend's bach and then went to Paihia for a couple days and had a look around. The weather was great :) its so historical up there. We went across on the ferry to Russell and had a look round there, saw the oldest church (that still has services) and Pompallier house etc. Our main goal was to go right up to Cape Reinga so we decided we'd do a day trip from Paihia like most of the tourist buses do, and yeah it was a long drive but worth it :) The beaches u see on the way up there look so nice and when u actually get to Cape Reinga its real rugged. Was cool tho coz u could literally see where the 2 seas met - not many places in the world u can go to to view that. Also we randomly saw my brother's PE teacher up there of all ppl! heh heh just when teachers thought they could get away from their students! Anyway on the way back down we came through Kaitaia and then stayed in Paihia another night. The following day we went to Waitangi which was good - i only remembered bits and pieces from when we went there when i was younger. Huge numbers of tourists were there, like most places in the Bay of Islands area. And yeah then we went back down to Warkworth for a few more days. Went to a friend's place and was able to go biscuiting which was fun =) So yeah, overall was a pretty good holiday.

Parachute '05
Finally got to go to my first Parachute this year =) was pretty cool. I worked with my friend in the Crew & Artist's cafe for a few hours on the Sat, Sun, & Mon which was good coz it meant we got in free to the festival. Day of Fire came into the VIP bit one of the nights and i thought they were Third Day at first coz one of their guys looks a lot like Mac Powell (lead singer of 3rd day). hehe lucky i didnt go up and ask them if they were. Didnt see any of the other headliner bands come in but yeah. Third Day were pretty good on the Sun nite =) they get good audience interaction. Also caught the end of Jeff Deyo, he's pretty good worship leader as well. And yeah Mum's Dollar were cool, they played on Mainstage on the Fri nite and a couple other times on the w/end. Hehe and i also went to go see the solo artist girl 'Priscilla' sing, she's from south akld too and had a pretty good voice. So yeah was a good w/end, i'm hoping to go again next year :)

Another month's holiday
yay, its so good not having to go to uni still end of Feb/beginning of March, while everyone else is either off to school or work :) i've enrolled in all my classes and got my timetable sorted out, just got a few more things i need to do to get ready for uni.

New Job
This morning i started my new job teaching piano/keyboard down at the local music school. It wasn't too bad, considering i havent really done much teaching b4.

Well thats about it from me for now....will try not to leave it so long to update again